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MOYO Showroom

MOYO connection Showroom & Customize in Aoyama

MOYO Showroom
MOYO Showroom
The MIZUTANI showroom "MOYO connection" is located on Aoyama avenues lined with a BMW showroom and a head office of HONDA. The building is 1 minute from Gaienmae station in Ginza subway line. When you have difficulty to have choice your professional scissors, you can try the cutting feeling of your favorite one in your hand with mannequin head at the show room. Also you can ask us sharpening service and various customizations. And there you can see more than 150 MIZUTANI’s scissors. It is easy to access and many MIZUTANISTs all over the world visit to our showroom. It is on the third floor so you can see scissors in a bright ambience.
This time MIZUTANI ambassador Mr. Katsuji Oono and his new staff Ms. Sato from “Bring” salon visited our showroom. Our staff Endo who used to be a hairdresser made interview to them.
Endo : “Thank you for your visiting to our showroom. Today I would like to have your many opinions.”
Sato : “It’s nice to have a chance to see many your scissors at once and can try cutting indeed. Scissors are most important tools for me. So I don’t want to catch a bad one. But too many scissors, it’s difficult to choose.”
Oono : “We hairdressers propose own suitable hairstyle for our customers every day considering about new trends and their lifestyle. Therefore scissors are important thing for us to make a hairstyle.”
Endo : “Thank you. As a maker we opened this showroom for our customers to know the importance about how to choose scissors, after sales service and customize.”
MOYO connection Showroom
Special Customize S-01 Olive WOOD ring
Sato : “It’s difficult to choose which scissors I should have for my starter.”
Endo : “That’s right. I have some scissors I didn’t use, because it doesn’t fit to my hand. Our guests visited this showroom pleasured, they could try and experience the handles fit feeling, the cutting feeling with different materials, how hair slides by using different blades curvature and the smoothness of thinning scissors.”
Sato : “It’s good for me I can try the handles fit feeling. I can find the difference clearly with the mannequin head, because my fingers are slender.”
Endo : “We really want to explain is how to use and the proper usage of scissors for the purpose or for the matching to each level, not only the specification of scissors. We try to explain to customers plainly about the differences of slide cut and blunt cut by the different shape blades, of course thinning scissors cut percent also the difference of texture control, volume control and smoothness with mannequin head.”
Sato : “And a lot of thinning scissors, I have no idea which one I should pick up.”
Endo : “Rapidly every cut scissors and thinning scissors has been evolved according to a usage. We propose suitable scissors for each customer but finally we recommend customize scissors it surely fits to each person. Mr. Oono gave us many special orders before. What do you think about the customize scissors?”
Oono : “Each tool has inherent function even human too. If we constrain the wrong function to the tool, we can’t get good results. I think it’s important to service to my customers to have hairstyle match to own lifestyles and it have to be easy to set and care at home. As every customer is different, to select own customize scissors is correct way with considering hair type, proper scissors to the material and cutting technique, I think.”
Endo : “You are right. It’s wonderful if I can help the customer, giving advice to find the scissors fits to hand and for proper usage or for purpose, and to help making own customize scissors. Last of all, could you tell me your impressions about our new showroom?”
Oono : “Cutting techniques and tools to make my customer beautiful are improving gradually day by day. I believe changing is improving and improving is changing. Here MIZUTANI showroom is ideal place. You certainly respond to the improving and certainly customize to the changing.”
Sato : “Today I changed my mind about the scissors.”
Endo : “Your opinion is very helpful to me. Again, thanks for coming today.”
MOYO means “Soul” in Swahili, Africa.
We MIZUTANI think you may take a real scissors in your hand and to cut hair in order to find the good point of scissors. Each person has different size and strength of hand and different thickness of finger. The favor of cutting feeling is also different by each person. So we made the place “Experience & Cenesthesia”, there you can take scissors in your hand directly and can compare the cut feeling. We make effort to meet our customer’ requirement as much as we can, of course purchasing advice, detail customization after purchasing, inquiry about blade edge condition and sharpening service and so on.

We want to make MOYO the place we can hear hairdresser’s opinion, request, worry and communication. Furthermore, we dream MOYO will be a wonderful place to connect everybody through various workshops.
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