ELEMENT born through joint development with MR.BROTHERS CUT CLUB, a world leader in men's style. Compact design with short blades for accurate and efficient cutting with three elements: weight, backside and top. It can be used in reversible and turn in a small radius.

Cut ratio : 25%
Material : Extramarise II Cobalt Alloy
25%Blade length : 58mm
[Bottom blade] Ring size : horizontally/18mm・vertically/21.5mm
[Top blade] Ring size : horizontally/18mm・vertically/21.5mm
Product number : #104475
Video of Men's cut made with ELEMENT
“It’s important to cut at point like a sculpture cause the shape of the head is rounded”
Mr. Tomoya Nishimori of "MR.BROTHERS CUT CLUB" who continues
to have a great influence on the modern Japanese barber scene
in a global barber culture movement that accelerates in a blink of an eye.
Developed with him the men's cut thinning indispensable for
Barber style “ELEMENT” came into the world!!
Men’s cut basic style perfect master text book was finally completed!
Tomoya Nishimori
Tomoya Nishimori
MR.BROTHERS CUT CLUB founder and representative
Graduated Sumita School Beauty Specialist
The first salon, “MR.BROTHER CUT CLUB” opened in Harajuku, Tokyo in February 2015, followed by the opening of the second salon in Nakameguro in October 2016. In September 2017, the company opened a third salon in Osaka and expanded into the Kansai region. In July 2019, opened the second salon in Harajuku and it’s their fourth salon. The salon, which loves the old-fashioned American barber culture and proposes a variety of styles incorporating fades, has attracted emphasis not only in Japan but also from all over the world. In August 2017, the original Pomade “BROSH” was launched. Seminars are held all over the world with promotion of our products, and extend the barber culture of MADE IN JAPAN.
Mr. Nishimori : 『The three elements that make up the style are Back Side, Weight, and Top. It is important to cut at the point that follow the roundness of the head (vertical and horizontal). Unlike ladies' cut, men's cut line is reflected as it is. Until now, men's cuts were simply cut the length and there were not many cuts considering the roundness of the head. However, I think that men's cuts need to be cut with dots like sculptures. “ELEMENT” is very easy to handle because the blades length are short and ability to turn in a small radius.』
The compact design that enables accurate and efficient cutting, and the level-set type handle and reversible blades allow the hair flow and texture to be expressed as desired for each position.
Experience the pleasure of creating with your sensitivity and “ELEMENT” enhances and supports your originality.
Elements that make up the style
EXTRAMARISE® is a proprietary heat treatment ideally suited for haircutting scissors that was developed by MIZUTANI based on long years of accumulated data and experience. The same steel material can have totally different performance depending on the heat treatment used. Therefore, to maximize the special qualities of the rare metals (cobalt, molybdenum, vanadium, etc.) we’ve added to our products to the greatest extent possible, and achieve the ideal metal for scissors, (*hardening, tempering, sub-zero processing) and other complete temperature management procedures are essential. To bring out the distinct characteristics of materials, and manufacture a blade with the ultimate strength required for haircutting scissors, we at MIZUTANI have implemented our own proprietary heat treatment using the ideal temperature for scissors: EXTRAMARISE® processing.
These metal ball bearings are small, high precision items produced by a Japanese manufacturer. With superior anti-rust properties compared to foreign-made products, they have a high level of durability. By drastically reducing friction around the screws, they not only ensure smooth opening and closing of the scissors, lessening burdens on the hands, but also protect the edge from damage, contributing to long cutting life.
Compact and easy to turn, this is a flat type driver for UFO screws. This screwdriver is included with all scissors with the mark shown.
* BLACK-SMITH® is registered trademark of MIZUTANI SCISSORS in Japan.